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Your future workforce  IS  sitting in K-12 classrooms right now!

The BEA has cultivated strategies and resources that businesses can leverage in designing a customized talent development system. A key strategy is to partner with K-12 education to "build your own".

Empower the next generation!

Build a talent pipeline...

The days of posting positions and hoping qualified candidates show up are over.

Research shows:

  • 69% of employers are reporting difficulty finding the talent they need

    • Manpower Group Q4 2021

  • 64% of employees are disengaged from their job 

    • Gallup Report

  • 46% of employers are reporting skills gaps 

    • Manpower Group Q4

  • Worker disengagement reduces productivity by over $450 billion per year

    • Gallup Report

  • A record 4.5 million people have left their job during the Great Resignation!


Adapted from ManPower Group Talent Development Strategies

Of the four proven talent development solutions used by organizations today, building your own talent development pipeline is a long-term solution that will continue to provide skilled talent for your organization far into the future. 

By transferring knowledge...

Sharing information about your occupations with the next generation of talent sitting in K-12 classrooms today in a structured format is a solid return on investment.


The BEA can work with you to develop an organized, repeatable, and scalable talent attraction and development program. 

Through proven practices.

CCL Activities brown arrow.png

An investment of just a few hours of your time each year can impact the career trajectory of thousands of students. 

Record Your Career Story

Each and every adult, no matter their occupation, took a different path to get to where they are today.

  • Donate 60 minutes of your time to record your unique career story.

  • Expect a casual, organic but completely facilitated conversation.

  • Questions to be covered are provided prior to the session.

  • Speak into the lives of the next generation.


Work with the BEA to capture your unique career story. K-12 educators and students will have access to this content for career exploration activities once it is edited and approved.

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