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Key Impact Outcomes
  • Expand talent capacity to fill high demand jobs

  • Affect life trajectory of large groups of middle and high school students

  • Brand your business with thousands of students, staff & parents

  • Increase capacity in all levels of your occupational talent pipeline

  • Transfer knowledge to the next-generation workforce

  • Improve social impact

  • Close skills gaps

  • Enhance essential professional skills

  • Be 2x more likely to hire an intern


Schedule intro meeting when contacted by the BEA Team


Complete and submit TAC Pilot Program Application


Applications reviewed to meet qualification requirements


Qualifying communities will be notified

TAC Program Development Cycle.png

The TAC Program Cycle begins with a focused and facilitated design thinking work session.

Image by Terry Vlisidis
Pilot Program Interest Form
My role in the community is:

The BEA Team will be in touch soon.

Pilot Program Interest Form
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